LOBO is a Certified ChargePoint Contractor.

Imagine having access to hundreds of thousands of places to charge your electric vehicle. Picture yourself with just one account that effortlessly unlocks these charging spots across North America and Europe.

Join the movement, Let Lobo Consulting, Inc. help you become a part of the driving force. Together, let’s propel all people and goods forward on the electric wave. It’s not just our journey; it’s yours too.

We have served the Chicagoland area for over 40 years.

Our client’s satisfaction is our first concern. Their repeat business and letters of recommendation speak volumes to our mutual commitment.

Our commitment to excellence has propelled us to an Industry Leader in design and construction of electrical projects.

LOBO Consulting, Inc is a full service electrical consulting company specializing is pre-construction services including design and budgeting.  LOBO Electric (DBA) is a full service electrical construction company with owners that have over 40 years of experience in the Chicago market. We look forward to expanding in to Florida this year.


We specialize in working in a variety of industrial environments.

Recent Projects successfully completed in the following categories: Commercial- Residential- Industrial-

LOBO Electric is a full service electrical construction company with owners that have over 40 years of experience in the Chicago market.  We value economic freedom within a free-market economy, with open and fair competition and diverse participation constantly striving to achieve the highest levels of personal and company performance.

Before a new construction job starts, there are a lot of things that need to happen. Permits need to get approved, design is finalized and you need to make sure that you have an electrical contractor. An electrical contractor is someone who takes care of everything revolving around electrical systems and power generation. Since electrical work involves design, installation and general maintenance, hiring a reputable company is a must.

Luckily, when it comes to electrical contractors, Illinois has some of the best in the business. The professionals at LOBO Electric have over 40 years of experience and are committed to delivering excellent results. They’re one of the leaders of the industry in the Chicagoland area and for good reason: they employ only the finest electricians in the trade so you know you’re getting quality work done. Each and every one of LOBO maintenance electricians is highly skilled in lighting retrofit, repair and maintenance of motors, VFDs and controls systems and more. They work on annual rate agreements so you’re never surprised with pricing. If you’re in the market for electric contractors, Chicago is the place to find them.

LOBO Electric runs on the belief that standards should never be compromised, no matter what. If their customers aren’t happy, then they aren’t finished. The owner instills a passion that fuels their work ethic and provides flexibility to get any electrical contracting job done. Look no further than LOBO Electric for your next job. They are fully licensed in Illinois to perform any and all electrical installations.

Electrical work is the heart and soul of many construction jobs. It lays the framework for how the finished job will function and look. It’s imperative that you work hand-in-hand with electrical contractors in order to ensure electrical work that is up to code and safe for use in commercial areas. Thankfully, if you need to hire commercial electrical contractors, Illinois has some of the best in the business. [juicer name=”loboelectric”]

LOBO Electric specializes in electrical work for commercial buildings and can deliver results that will gain attention. The owners and project managers have been serving the Chicagoland area for over 40 years and are considered leaders in their industry. It’s truly the best place to turn when you’re in need. Some of the specifications that LOBO Electric focuses on in commercial buildings is power distributing systems, advanced lighting systems, fire alarms, security systems, server and data services and any general power installations. They have done work with everything from car dealerships to breweries and have a diverse team of tradesmen to accomplish any commercial job. Annual agreements are based on projected hours and the scope of the project. The work LOBO Electric delivers is affordable and the price is locked in after agreement so you won’t find any surprise fees.

If you need electrical work done for fitness centers, office build outs or even parking lots, you want the best in the business. That’s why, when it comes to commercial electrical contractors, Chicago residents swear by LOBO Electric. Call today and see how we can help you with flawless electrical work.

If you’re starting a large-scale construction job, you’re going to need to find an electrical contractor. Electrical contractors are the guys who come in and set up a plan for design and installation of everything that revolves around power installations. If you need to install lights, advanced programmable control systems or even security systems, electrical contractors are the ones to do it. It’s a step in the construction process that you just can’t avoid. Luckily, when you need to hire industrial electrical contractors, Chicago is the place to be. LOBO Electric employs a skilled team of tradesmen who are flexible and able to accomplish any job at hand, including industrial electrical work.

Industrial electrical work is large scale installations that include power distribution systems, generation systems, process and motor control systems, advanced lighting with individual control systems, fire alarms, security systems and even server and data systems. LOBO Electric offers a complete package with a price that’s discussed and determined with you before any work begins. They pride themselves in being affordable and transparent, so you’re never surprised with any hidden costs post-installation.

LOBO Electric is a full service electrical construction company with owners that have over 40 years of experience in the Chicago market. No wonder that when it comes to industrial electrical contractors, Chicago residents swear by LOBO Electric. Call today to get started on your next project. They’re licensed in the entire state of Illinois and specialize in industrial environments.

In a bustling metropolis like Chicago, the need for reliable and professional electrical services is paramount. Whether it’s for a residential project or a large-scale industrial operation, having a trusted electrical company at your service is crucial. That’s where LOBO Consulting, also known as LOBO Electric, steps in. As a leading name among electrical companies in Chicago, LOBO Electric is dedicated to delivering top-notch electrical solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients.

As an experienced electrical contractor, LOBO Electric offers a comprehensive range of services. From the initial consultation to project completion, their team of skilled contractors electrical ensures that every detail is meticulously handled. Their expertise spans across various sectors, making them a versatile choice for any electrical project in the city.

For businesses in Chicago, LOBO Electric stands out as one of the premier commercial electrical contractors. They understand the complexities involved in commercial electrical systems and are equipped to handle projects of any size and scope. Their commercial electricians are highly trained and experienced, ensuring that every installation, repair, or maintenance task is performed with precision and safety in mind.

When it comes to industrial electrical needs, LOBO Electric is the go-to industrial electrician in Chicago. They specialize in providing robust electrical solutions for manufacturing plants, factories, and other industrial facilities. Their team is adept at managing high-voltage systems, complex machinery wiring, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Service electricians from LOBO Electric are always ready to respond to any electrical issue, no matter how big or small. Their prompt and efficient service ensures minimal downtime and disruption, keeping your home or business running smoothly. Whether it’s a routine maintenance check or an emergency repair, you can count on their service electricians to get the job done right.

LOBO Electric is more than just a commercial electrical company; they are a partner you can trust. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets them apart from other electrical companies in Chicago. They take pride in their work, ensuring that every project is completed to the highest standards.
Choosing LOBO Electric means choosing quality, reliability, and peace of mind. Their team of commercial electrical contractors is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of their clients. If you’re in Chicago and need a dependable electrical contractor, look no further than LOBO Electric. They are the professionals you can rely on for all your electrical needs.