MacNeil Real Estate Holding Downers Grove, Illinois

LOBO Electric proudly announces the successful completion of a state-of-the-art design-build project for MacNeil Real Estate Holdings, featuring a 110,000 square foot light industrial complex, consisting of fifty-five individual units. Each unit within this sophisticated complex has been meticulously equipped with a 200-amp service to ensure robust electrical capacity, along with high-efficiency lighting and general power systems designed to optimize energy use.

In addition to the electrical advancements, the project incorporated cutting-edge heating and cooling solutions to promote environmental sustainability and enhance tenant comfort. A comprehensive fire alarm system and a secure, reliable security system have been installed across all units to ensure safety and peace of mind for all occupants.

A key feature of our project was the installation of commercial metering, neatly organized in Meter banks, demonstrating our attention to detail and commitment to operational efficiency. The exterior of the complex is illuminated by LED lighting, aligning with our goal of energy efficiency, and reducing the carbon footprint of the complex.

Our collaboration with the management team of MacNeil Real Estate Holdings was instrumental in adhering to an aggressive project timeline, enabling us to deliver this project efficiently and effectively. Each unit was custom-built to meet the specific needs of various tenants, showcasing our flexibility and dedication to client satisfaction.

This project highlights LOBO Electric’s expertise in delivering high-quality, energy-efficient solutions for complex industrial projects, reinforcing our position as a leader in the design-build sector.