Stampede Meats Bridgeview and Oak Lawn Illinois

Over the past decade, Lobo Electric has maintained a strong partnership with Stampede Meats, contributing to its operational excellence through electrical expertise. Recently, Lobo Electric successfully completed the installation of multiple 400 amp service drops to enhance various production areas within the facility.

This intricate work was performed under the stringent oversight of FDA inspectors, particularly in wash down areas, showcasing Lobo’s ability to adhere to rigorous health and safety standards. In addition to these service drops, Lobo has executed multiple shutdown operations across several facilities, minimizing disruption and ensuring continuous productivity.

Over the years, Lobo Electric has also been instrumental in upgrading the cooling systems for Stampede Meats, further demonstrating their commitment to improving operational efficiency and reliability. This enduring relationship highlights Lobo Electric’s dedication to delivering high-quality electrical solutions tailored to the unique needs of the food production industry.