WeatherTech New 125,000 square foot Production Facility.  Bolingbrook, Illinois

LOBO Electric recently completed a comprehensive installation at WeatherTech’s new 125,000 sq ft production facility. This project featured the design and construction of a 7.68 megawatt power distribution system, highlighting Lobo Electric’s expertise in handling substantial electrical infrastructure demands.

The facility was outfitted with LED energy-efficient lighting, alongside advanced heating and cooling systems to ensure operational efficiency and sustainability. Furthermore, the installation included state-of-the-art KraussMaffei Injection molding Machines, essential for WeatherTech’s production processes.

Lobo Electric also equipped the facility with material handling equipment and developed various spaces including offices, kitchen and break rooms, bathrooms, labs, and a quality control area. This project underscores Lobo Electric’s capability in delivering comprehensive electrical solutions for large-scale industrialfacilities, focusing on energy efficiency and high-performance systems.