BigTen Network Chicago, Illinois 

LOBO Electric recently undertook the renovation of multiple production studios for the Big Ten Network, a project that showcased their expertise in handling complex electrical and data wiring demands. The renovation included the installation of advanced lighting and power systems designed to meet the dynamic requirements of a leading sports network. A key aspect of the project was the detailed data wiring, ensuring high-speed and reliable data transmission essential for broadcast operations.

Executing the renovation required meticulous planning and coordination, as the work had to be performed around the network’s “on air” schedule. This necessitated unusual working hours, demonstrating Lobo Electric’s flexibility and commitment to meeting client needs without disrupting their operations. Moreover, Lobo Electric worked closely with the network talent,

coordinating with them to understand and incorporate their specific needs into the project. This collaborative approach ensured that the renovated studios not only met the technical requirements but also supported the talent in delivering high-quality broadcasts. Through this project, Lobo Electric reinforced its reputation as a reliable electrical contractor capable of managing and executing complex projects in sensitive environments.